What We Do

Guard Dog Foam Inserts is a locally owned and operated business in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. We are dedicated to improve the organization and safekeeping of tools, watches, and other belongings that are important to you!

Our Mission

We strive to create solutions to protect and organize equipment and tools, ultimately improving processes by reducing time and money spent in applications where tools are often misplaced. By creating a designed and dedicated position for each item, simplifying standardized tool sets within organizations and obligates users to return tools to their particular spot after use. Our foam insert solutions are essential for anyone working in an industry that uses specific tools on a daily basis.

Custom Hardcase Solutions

In addition to industrial tool applications, Guard Dog provides many custom solutions for any valuable item one may have. As a partner of Plasticase, we provide a wide variety of Nanuk’s line of Extreme Duty cases which are designed to withstand the harshest environments. These cases are filled with custom, multicolored foam with cut-outs tailored by the user to safely store and transport virtually any item.

CNC Routered Foam Inserts

Our foam inserts are produced on a CNC router. We pride ourselves on producing a product exactly the way a customer wants it. Using individual pockets instead of through-cut profiles, our foam inserts provide a clean and continuous surface area to protect your gear. Our team specializes in helping produce the highest quality foam inserts on the market.

Laser Etching Personalization

Guard Dog Foam Inserts has the capability to provide all laser marking and etching services in house. Our design team can work with individual requests for a personalized and permanent touch.

Need tools etched with your name?

Need a knife customized?

Want a foam insert etched with a company logo?

We can do it!

Custom Capabilities

Our team applies the knowledge and resources that are needed to create exactly what you envision. We pride ourselves on working with you throughout the entire design process, ensuring that your creative vision becomes a reality. We are capable of working with a wide range of materials, using several different processes to create exactly what is needed. We welcome any and all projects, to get started send us an email at info@guarddoginserts.com.

Please contact us today!

NANUK Certified Distributor

Guard Dog Foam Inserts is a proud supporter and distributor of NANUK Professional Protective Cases. These cases are field-tested to protect your gear. By supplying both the foam insert and the case, you can ensure that the product you receive has the perfect fitment.