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M-Style Watch Rolls X10


These watch rolls are the perfect (and flexible) solution for watch storage. Whether you are designing your own storage case, or pairing with one of our cases & foam inserts, these watch rolls are a great solution for watch storage. The unique M shape of these watch rolls allows for a lot of varation in wrist circumference. Precision CNC routed out of high quality XLPE closed cell foam. Protect your investments!

XLPE foam ensures that no water or oils are absorbed or released by the foam.

Protect your gear with Guard Dog Foam Inserts!

This product is only for the 10 x M Style Watch Rolls. If you would like to purchase the NANUK 910 case, please do so here. If you would like to purchase the complete 10 watch foam insert with watch rolls, please do so here.

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SKU: 1-0325-000-148 Categories: ,
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in