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Marine Foam Steps (RV’s, Hot Tubs, and Docks)


Reduce slips and falls with these traction pads from Guard Dog Marine Foam. Made of 6mm thick EVA foam, these traction pads stick to almost any surface. Backed with a patented 3M pressure sensitive adhesive, these traction pads are easy to install and easy to remove (should you ever need to).

Each step is 6″ x 18″

Precision CNC routed out of high quality XLPE closed cell foam.  This foam insert is built to last and built to protect your gear for whatever you put it through.  XLPE foam ensures that no water or oils are absorbed by the foam.

Protect your gear with Guard Dog Foam Inserts!

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CNC Precision Routed Foam Inserts

Custom Laser Etching to Make It Yours


Guard Dog Foam


We use a high quality Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) foam for all of our custom and pre-built foam inserts.


Guard Dog Foam Details


XLPE foam is a closed cell foam that is perfect for protecting and organizing your valuables. XLPE Foam is characterized by its micro-cellular appearance and its ability to resist absorbing water and other fluids. While offering exceptional protective attributes, the multi-colored foam also provides a customized and high-quality solution for your gear.

Resilient Foam – Impact and Shock Resistant

Excellent Buoyancy

Great Thermal Insulator

Excellent Strength and Shock Absorption

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 18 × 1 in